End To End
Lending Infrastructure

Providing complete financial solutions 

Banking Finance/Loan Management Solution


We have developed Desktop, Client-Server and Cloud deployed software to meet the changing demands of our customers


We build strategies and policies to provide controls to protect data and ERP applications.


We offer our client all-time support to fix any issue and
& permit them to contact our consultants at their time.


Integrated Intelligent Accounting System

A singular portal for data management that helps access all the information about the
customer like EMI status , payments , dues , deposits , loan case, ledgers and
all financial activities involved across this business domain.


RiseMoney’s ERP solution is a very robust and reliable software and I will happily recommend it to others.It has been an able partner in our growth over these years, allowing us to freely.
Basant Goyal
Since -2010
I am happy to say that we are extremely satisfied with its performance. I do not recall any significant down time rather, more locations and products over time and has been able to handle the growing volumes with ease.
Shreyans Kasliwal
Since – 2008