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RiseMoney RiseMoney is a Web based application for Non Banking Finance Companies in India to manage their complete Loan Portfolio and be in control of the entire loan lifecycle.

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Loan Agreement Fields

The terms and conditions of the loan are clearly displayed in the Loan Agreement.
Once the case is active, the default first screen of the loan case, displays all the relevant case specifics.
Loan Case EMI, Rate of Interest, Loan Amount, Tenure etc are some of the specifics displayed here. Watch the screencast for more [...]

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Loan Amortization Chart

Amortization chart tabulates individual expected cash flows for the repayment of a loan case. Each repayment is split into two parts, the interest and principal. Depending on the type of rate plan chosen, the amortization chart may differ. Usually a larger chunk of the initial payments go towards repaying the total interest applicable on the [...]

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Blacklisting a Customer

The process of blacklisting a customer in RiseMoney is simple. Search the customer and update the customer’s “Master Appraisal” field to “Defaulter”. This field can be found in the “Extra Details” tab of the customer details page.
You may also create a new customer contact in the system with the sole purpose of maintaining a list [...]

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Loan Guarantors & Co-applicants

RiseMoney allows the user to attach one or more guarantors and co-applicants to a loan case. You have the freedom of searching and attaching an existing customer from RiseMoney to a loan case. This ensures that a built in network of interconnections develops and over time becomes easier to identify customers with existing known liabilities [...]

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Merging Customers

Sometimes due operator mistake or an improper de-duplication process (de-dedupe), duplicate customer can exist in the system.
It is possible in RiseMoney to merge two customers which you later determine as one. This process is only allowed to super admins.
From the Loan Console, click the link of ‘Merge Customer’ to get a list of all customers.
Search [...]

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Modifying or Deleting an Active Case

It is generally not possible to update or modify attributes of an activated live loan case. However, as a super user, administrator of the system, you may require to correct operational mistakes or delete a case in extraneous situations. It is strongly advised that this process should only be taken in extreme situations and the [...]

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Tele, Field and Document Verifications

Tele Verification and Field Verification is performed after a case application is received. Document verification is performed after the case is sanctioned.
The video below shows the process of making investigation reports i.e. Tele verification & Field verification for a pending loan application.
Search for the pending application by application number or customer. From the pending application [...]

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Sanctioning a Loan application

Credit manager must assess the application based on information provided and take a decision to sanction or reject the case. Credit manager take a holistic view of the application which includes looking at interest rate being offered, past credit history, field verification reports, tele verification reports, location of the customer and the type of vehicle [...]

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Rejecting a Loan Application

If a loan application does not meet NBFC’s credit policy requirements it would be rejected and thus eliminated from further processing.
Rejection may happen due to various reasons i.e. Poor credit history, Negative feedback from verifications, Low appraisal or even refusal from customer due to interest rates or terms.
The process of rejection simply involves clicking on [...]

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Rejecting a Sanctioned Loan Application

Although finance companies perform telephonic and field verifications before sanctioning a loan file, a sanctioned file can still be rejected due to various reasons such as negative reporting of documents, or refusal by the customer itself.
The process begins with searching for the loan case that has to be rejected. Simply, click the “Reject Case” button, [...]