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Customer Creation

Customer creation in RiseMoney is a simple and quick task.
From the main home page, type in the name of the customer and press search. This de-duplication process (dedupe), prevents the user from creating a customer that might already exist.
You can run the de-dupe using a number of customer attributes such as Name, Customer Address, Parent’s [...]

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RiseMoney Consoles

To learn about the consoles of RiseMoney please visit

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The RiseMoney Answer

RiseMoney supports the business requirements of a Leasing, Hire Purchase, Hypothecation, Auto Finance or a Personal Finance firm.
Benefits of RiseMoney are :
It is a state of the art comprehensive web based ERP solution for the finance industry. RiseMoney covers the live and practical requirements of every financial institution. Automated linking of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/ Finance helps [...]

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