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Blacklisting a Customer

The process of blacklisting a customer in RiseMoney is simple. Search the customer and update the customer’s “Master Appraisal” field to “Defaulter”. This field can be found in the “Extra Details” tab of the customer details page.

You may also create a new customer contact in the system with the sole purpose of maintaining a list of defaulters that you probably wish to know about lest they apply for credit at a later date. In this case, just create a new customer with their appraisal set to “Defaulter”.

Eventually RiseMoney will be modified to be a virtual Credit Bureau by letting its client businesses share their customer information and credit score with other clients for mutual benefit. This would be instantly possible since information of all customers exist on the same system.

Note: RiseMoney does not prevent you from giving a loan to a customer marked as defaulter. The decision is left to the credit manager.

If you can't see the video above, visit http://screenr.com/bO8

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