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The RiseMoney Answer

RiseMoney supports the business requirements of a Leasing, Hire Purchase, Hypothecation, Auto Finance or a Personal Finance firm.

Benefits of RiseMoney are :

It is a state of the art comprehensive web based ERP solution for the finance industry. RiseMoney covers the live and practical requirements of every financial institution. Automated linking of Hire Purchase/Hypothecation/ Finance helps the corporate in managing daily operations with ease. Further the extensive MIS that includes various aspects of Accounts, Arrears, and Collections/Recovery etc. helps the management in analyzing the current status with live data. With robust architecture of RiseMoney, collections are possible at any branch against any contracts.

RiseMoney is equipped with handling critical scenario like Pre-approval stages, Seize & Sold, Legal Cases, Fore-Closure of Contracts, Scheme Management, Cancellation of Contracts, Drawing Power statements for Refinance  etc. that make the daily life a very simple one. Financial Accounting Module comprehensively covers all the aspects of Finance Departments.

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